The CHECK MY VALUE tool is provided by the Alamance County Tax Department to assist citizens in determining if their tax assessment is correct. It is designed to work with typical single-family residential properties. CHECK MY VALUE searches the tax database for similar properties to the one you enter, and analyzes these comparable properties to determine a normal expected range of value. If your property falls within this range, then it is unlikely there is anything you need to correct. However, if the property falls above or below this range, there may be a problem which needs to be addressed.
The Alamance County Tax Department has been engaged in the collection of real property data for decades and most recently conducted a county-wide data review which involved tax department personnel and contracted local real estate professionals visiting properties across the county. We also refer to permit data, deed and sales data, citizen concerns, and aerial photography in our ongoing work of keeping our property records up-to-date. No one is perfect, however, and if you notice an inaccuracy in your property data, we hope you'll let us know.
The comparable properties you will see when using this tool are based upon the property data we have collected (see the question above). We search our database for properties within a specified range above or below the data we have for your property. The best matches are displayed on screen.
The expected value range is determined by taking the average value of the comparables and averaging it with the average value per square foot times the subject square footage. An expected variance of +/- 10% is applied and this creates our expected value range.
You are always free to request an informal review or file a formal appeal, regardless of the expected range. There may be times when a property falls within the expected range but still has problems with it's valuation that need to be addressed. Likewise, there will be times that a property falls outside of this range but has a correct valuation. The CHECK MY VALUE tool cannot be comprehensive of every component of value and our tax database will never be 100% accurate. The expected range is generally reliable, but will not always be correct.
Often. It's just like a light coming on in your car - it might indicate a problem with the car, or it might indicate a bad sensor setting off the light when the car is fine. When you contact us through our online review/appeal process, we will certainly take the CHECK MY VALUE results into account, but we will "dig deeper" to determine the source of the problem. Often this will mean reducing your value, sometimes it will not. In any event, we will explain why we have chosen to act or not act and you will have the option to accept our opinion of value or appeal it to the Alamance County Board of Equalization and Review.
Not at all. Regardless of what the tool says, once you tell us you have a concern about your value, real live human appraisers will review your concern and will not be bound by the results of an automated value check. Often the CHECK MY VALUE report will be found to be correct and there will be no change, but sometimes this tool will be in error and corrections will be made. When in doubt, have us take a look.
The CHECK MY VALUE tool is driven by comparables selected mostly on similar structural characteristics within the same or a similar neighborhood. Raw land lacks the needed points of comparison to determine appropriate comps. Likewise, large acreage and farm parcels have too much value from the land and too little from the structure to find valid comps based upon structural similarity. Land is also variable in value depending on location, size, shape, topo, floodplain, perc/non-perk, soil type, road frontage, etc. These are difficult to quantify and adjust with this tool. Likewise, commercial/industrial/special use property value is driven by different factors than residential property, so comparable selection and adjustment for this type of property is outside of the scope of this tool.

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